Dragon Age: Absolution Season 1 Episode 5 – How come Hira Doesn’t like Tevinter?

There will be spoilers for the fifth episode of the first season of the Netflix anime Dragon Age: Absolution.


Miriam spends the first part of “An Altar of Fire” getting some payoff for all her efforts throughout the season to convince her new comrades that she is trustworthy and didn’t kill their prior leader Master Fairbanks. Her goal is to rescue Hira from Razaren, and she has enlisted Roland and Lacklon to assist her.

When we talk about Hira, we obtain some information about her past. Tassia is an aristocratic Tevinter, and the Templar learns this throughout their talk. When Hira’s family tried to aid the people the Imperium enslaves, the Venatori turned against them. It’s common knowledge that the powerful can only maintain their position by preserving things as they are. To serve as an example to others, the dragon burned Hira’s father to ashes on the front lawn.

Hira’s animosity toward the Imperium is understandable; she has nearly as much reason to despise them as Miriam does, which helps shed light on the nature of their mutual attraction. I can see why they comforted each other so much. It’s no surprise that Miriam keeps coming back to the city’s massive golden gates in her quest to save Hira.

An Altar of Fire” is packed with fantastic action sequences and other cool stuff as usual. One example is the fact that Miriam controls all of the palace guards. The other is Miriam versus Neb, with Tassia versus Roland in a dual. The episode successfully switches between these events while maintaining a high level of coherence. Qwydion manages to get inside while all hell is breaking loose outside as Roland and Lacklon team up to take on Tassia and Neb shoots Miriam with a magical sigil that Razaren put in his palm.

The show ends with some stunning images of the crumbling palace and the enraged dragon, who tries to flee. After defeating Neb in battle, Miriam decides to severe his skull, releasing the monster within him and bringing an end to his servitude to Razaren. This is the most crucial character event to far.

Netflix’s newest original series is based on a video game. Although live-action has a poor track record when it comes to adapting video games, Netflix’s animated shows like Castlevania, Arcane, and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners are all shining instances of how it can be done right. With Dragon Age: Absolution, BioWare is making an effort to develop a brand-new story within the established canon of the Dragon Age video game series.

Dragon Age: Absolution season 1

The finished movie is a huge success because to the excellent cast of characters, top-notch animation, superb action choreography, and totally insane tempo. This first season consists of only six episodes, and they all clock in at less than 30 minutes. Each season can be seen in less than two hours, making it perfect for marathon viewing sessions. Most viewers will undoubtedly end up watching the show in the “binge” format, where a complete season is watched in one sitting.

Do The Team Manage To Steal The Circulum?

In the palace of Tevinter. A formidable Tevinter magister named Rezaren is presented as they plot to seize the Circulum. He’s with Lassia, the head of palace security. These two can be strong opponents and passionate lovers. To bring back lost loved ones, Rezaren is researching the Circulum. Lassie, being a coward, can’t wrap her head around the moral grey area of blood magic and reviving dead.

Miriam and her gang get caught in the act of stealing. While in the Circulum, Fairbanks unexpectedly stabs Hira in the back. During the battle, Fairbanks is injured but manages to escape while Hira is taken prisoner by Tevinter’s men. Miriam defeats her “sister” Rezaren in battle and frees the sailors. After Rezaren confronts Miriam, she reveals that she and her brothers were his slaves. Since his death, Rezaren has been pining for a reunion with Miriam and Neb.

Season 1 of Dragon Age: Absolution concludes with Miriam and her allies heading back to the palace in search of Hira. After a short time away, Hira returns to their safe haven. There, Hira retrieves the Circulum. Eventually, before she leaves, she runs into Miriam and the rest of the gang. Hira is the real saboteur on the team. When Fairbanks found out, he attempted murder. If Neb and Miriam made it back, Rezaren would deliver the Circulum to Hira. To communicate, Hira only ever calls on Miriam.

Hira tells her team she’ll give the Circulum to the extreme Inquisition faction The Crimson Knight, but she runs away and the crew has to deal with Rezaren before they can catch her. Neb’s soul cannot be resurrected by Rezaren. After killing him, Miriam swore she would never again allow herself to be enslaved. The gang goes to the Inquisition to give them the heads up about Hira and the impending Crimson Knight battle.

Why Is Miriam Afraid Of Going Back Home?

When it comes to the Dragon Age series, Absolution is in the tradition of its predecessors. This season, our focus was on two locations—Navarra and Tevinter—where a lot of action takes place. Miriam, our main character, and Roland, her best friend, are introduced. Miriam has the look of a thief. She’s sneaky and deadly with her daggers out. She casually commits a small theft as a means of introduction.

When she gets back to base, she finds out that Fairbanks merely pretended to rob the bank. Fairbanks enlists Miriam and Roland in his scheme to increase his profit. The thought of moving back to Tevinter, her native state, makes Miriam nervous. After her negative experiences, Miriam decided not to return. Her country forced her into servitude. Miriam finds out Fairbanks is helping Hira.

Hira and her sister Miriam are both quite elderly. Miriam decides to join the squad thanks to Hira’s persuasion. He added that following the incident, they’ll be departing to set up a cheese farm in the middle of nowhere. It’s clear that Miriam and Hira have developed feelings for one another. Wizard Qwydion of the Qunari and dwarf Jackson are introduced to Miriam and Roland. Involving the strong sorcerer Rezaren in their plot is also crucial. Miriam clearly has no fondness for him.

Miriam is devastated by their arrival at Tevinter. When Miriam and her brother Neb were young, they were taken as slaves to the city of Tevinter. She was reared by Rezaren and his sister. The scheme is revealed by Fairbanks. Their ultimate objective is to return the powerful magical artefact known as the Circulum to the remaining members of the Inquisition, which serves to guard the world from magical threats.

Being an Elf Sucks

To state the bleeding obvious, but being an elf in Thedas is terrible. While the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition suggest that Solas/Fen’Harel doesn’t see himself as particularly related to modern elves, he is willing to destroy the world in an effort to better their lot. Or, to undo the Fade’s effects. But mostly to eliminate all other races except the elves.

Watching Absolution’s protagonist, Miri, deal with the wreckage just being an elf in Tevinter made of her life really illuminates how terrible Thedas is for elves, even more so than seeing how awful it is to live in an Alienage or how much self-hatred comes out of being raised to look down on your own people (looking at you, Sera).

Even though Miri has a small group of loyal friends (and commands the respect of a gang of thieves more than their own master), her status as an elf is immediately held against her. The situation deteriorates further when she and the Absolution crew visit Tevinter, one of her former haunts.

She and her brother were taken as slaves and trained to be assassins and bodyguards for Rezaren Ammosine, who may become the next Divine of Tevinter. Though she was privileged because of the Ammosines’ political standing, she and her brother were always considered expendable; in fact, Rezaren’s mother willingly sacrificed the younger sibling to ensure her son’s success.

What it means to be an elf in Thedas influences Miri’s interactions with Rezaren and her pursuit of independence and choice. (For players of Dalish Inquisitor, seeing Miri succeed despite facing prejudice is incredibly rewarding since it reminds them of their own experiences.)

Dragon Age: Absolution season 1


As things stand, the Red Templars are still active, plotting the destruction of Tevinter under the direction of a mysterious figure known only as the Red Knight, who proclaims, “will have my war.” This is one of the Red Knight’s few lines of dialogue, and while the voice isn’t immediately recognisable, it is reminiscent of Kate Mulgrew’s Flemeth.

At the conclusion of Inquisition, Solas appears to have killed the old witch of the woods, Flemeth, by absorbing her soul. But if the voice at the conclusion of Absolution is Flemeth, then Solas may have subdued the Red Templars and the battle between Ferelden, Orlais, and the remnants of the defunct Inquisition and Tevinter is all part of the Dreadwolf’s wider conspiracy to bring down the Veil.

Netflix subscribers have early access to “An Altar of Fire,” the fifth episode of Dragon Age: Absolution Season 1.

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