Friend of the Family: Know Everything About Cast, Plot and Trailor!

Friend of the Family

In the upcoming drama series A Friend of the Family, based on the true story of a young girl who was abducted twice by the same man, a family friend who used a web of manipulation, blackmail, and out-of-this-world lies to warp her mind and drive her family apart, a picture-perfect family with a picture-perfect life meets the neighbors of their nightmares.

It’s hard to believe that in 1972, a seductive man could use his charm to get away with steamy secrets, drugging, aliens, and underage marriage, but in a time before the internet, cell phones, and Chris Hansen, the impossible was conceivable.

The mind-bending narrative that you have to see to believe is being told by Universal Content Productions fifty years later. Nick Antosca, known for the true-crime film The Act and the upcoming Netflix original Brand New Cherry Flavor, creates a unique atmosphere in his series by contrasting mellow hues and nostalgic imagery with shockingly dark undertones, evoking the disconcerting feeling that everything is both fine and very not fine.

Audiences are certain to be on the edge of their seats as they witness the many deceptions and manipulations in this dark and baffling tale. In preparation for the premiere of A Friend of the Family, we’ve tapped the lines and dug down all you need to know about this amazing true-crime series.

A Family Friend Trailer

The trailer for A Friend of the Family starts with a slow and creepy version of The Turtles’ “So Happy Together.” This sets the tone for a tense and strange true-crime show. The 90-second preview posted on Peacock’s official YouTube channel gives people a taste of how strange and not quite right the drama feels.

In this movie, which is set in the 1970s and has a lot of creepy vibes, young girls ride bullhorn bikes down quiet streets. Quiet parents share charged looks in the silence, and the innocent smile of a child who doesn’t know any better shines brightly against the troubling gaze of a master manipulator in disguise. The use of soft colors in the cinematography of the trailers shows how young and innocent the main character is.

At the same time, the growing tensions and messed-up feelings of knowing adults are shown in flashes of dark scenes that show the duality and odd balance of the high-stakes lives of the two families.

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When is A Family Friend Out?

This strange drama has turned around quickly. Peacock gave the show the green light in February 2022, and filming began that same month. Since A Friend of the Family is already in post-production, it will be done in record time and will air for the first time on October 6, 2022.

Who’s in A Family Friend?

Both Hendrix Yancey, most known for her part as 013 in Stranger Things, and McKenna Grace, best known for her performances in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Annabelle: Creation, will play Jan Broberg. Bob and Mary Ann Broberg, her parents, will be played by Colin Hanks (Orange County) and Anna Paquin (X-Men), respectively.

Jake Lacy, known for his performance as Richard Semco in the 2015 thriller Carol, will play the cruel manipulator Robert B. Berchtold in The White Lotus. Model and actress Lio Tipton, best known for her role as Jessica in Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), will play Gail Berchtold, the character’s reserved and subdued wife. Also, Joe Chrest (Ted Wheeler on Stranger Things) will play Bishop Matthew Paulsen of the local church.

Where Can You Watch a Family Friend?

Get together with your closest family and friends for a night in. The exciting drama series will be on the streaming service Peacock. The first three episodes will be available to watch on October 6th. The following Thursdays, new episodes will be added.

You can stream some Peacock content for free, but you’ll need Peacock Premium to watch the new show. The premium streaming service has plans that start at $4.99 per month.

The Plot of a Friend of the Family

A convoluted tale of drugging, blackmail, and steamy secrets among the parents of two devout families is made more frightening by aliens. In A Friend of the Family, the true-crime narrative of the Broberg and Berchtold families’ odd friendship, audiences learn how one attractive, magnetic, charming man got too comfortable with his new family friends and convinced their daughter of alarming falsehoods.

Friend of the Family

In the early 1970s, dad Bob worked at his flower store while mom Mary Ann stayed home to cook, clean, and care for their three kids, Susan, Karen, and Jan. They met the new-to-town Berchtold’s at church. The families with eight children became fast friends, carpooled, had family dinners, and vacationed together.

Mary Ann Broberg and Robert Berchtold’s dad had a hidden affair. Robert and Bob became more than friends in the family Chevy. Jan, 12, went absent for 35 days while on a horseback riding expedition with Robert. Jan dozed off and on in the Berchtolds’ RV for the first week.

Alien whispers from a box telling her she was half alien and must save her home planet by having Robert’s kid by age 16. Robert and 12-year-old Jan married in Mexico while the FBI and Broberg family hunted for their daughter. They lived in a hotel while carrying out their divine, interplanetary mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Friend of the Family Based on?

The real Jan Broberg is the first person we see. She speaks directly to the audience before any of the scenes that show how Robert Berchtold (Jake Lacy), a neighbor and close family friend, kidnapped her multiple times in the 1970s.

Where Can I Watch Friend of the Family?

On Oct. 6, Peacock will air the first four episodes of “A Friend of the Family.” After that, new episodes will come out every week.

Final Words

The trailer for A Friend of the Family sets the tone for a tense and strange true-crime show. The series is based on the true story of a young girl who was abducted twice by the same man. Nick Antosca is known for the true crime film The Act and Netflix original Brand New Cherry Flavor.

Hendrix Yancey, best known for her role as 013 in Stranger Things, will play Jan Broberg. The parents of Bob and Mary Ann Broberg will be played by Colin Hanks and Anna Paquin. Jake Lacy will play the cruel manipulator Robert B. Berchtold.


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