Gone Girl 2: Gillian Flynn, the Author, Says She Would Be “Surprised” if She Didn’t Write a Sequel

For the 10th anniversary of Gone Girl, author Gillian Flynn told PEOPLE, "I may want to go back and update it and play around with what the hell would've happened once Amy was a mom." The first movie was based on the well-known book, but could there be a Gone Girl 2? The movie came out in 2014, and directed by David Fincher.

gone girl 2

It’s not a question of if Gone Girl will get a sequel, but when.

The author of the best-selling psychological thriller, Gillian Flynn, is celebrating 10 years since the book first came out in 2012. Penguin Random House is marking the occasion with a special edition of the book, which is now in stores. In the reissue, you can read parts of the book that Flynn wrote but didn’t use in the final version. She says that “a zillion” versions of Gone Girl were written.

“For a while, there were no diary entries at all, and the whole thing was written from Nick’s point of view,” Flynn, 51, tells PEOPLE. “I did try different endings. I tried a different ending in which Amy’s scammers come back to get her and put her in jail. I wrote the whole thing, but it just didn’t feel right because I couldn’t imagine that happening to Amy.”

“She’s just such an alpha,” says Flynn of the character Rosamund Pike played in the 2014 movie version of the book, for which the author also wrote the screenplay. “She’d figure out how to get out of it. I couldn’t imagine her being locked up in a cell, or maybe I didn’t want to. I just had the feeling that she was the top dog in this relationship and story… I would have thought she killed them off before I would have thought anyone could have beat her.”

gone girl 2

Where does Flynn put all the chapters she doesn’t want to use?

She says with a laugh, “I’m the least organised person in the world.” “I wish I could tell you that they were all in one place. I really had to look for what we added to this new edition. I think there are still some, maybe on old computers. They were literally every which way.”


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 The unpredictable plot of David Fincher’s Gone Girl made everyone love it.

Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne’s (Amy Dunne) complicated marriage was shown well in the movie (Rosamund Pike).

In it, a psychopath named Amy fakes her own death to get back at Nick for cheating on her, and at the end, she tells Nick that she is pregnant.

But their marriage still had problems, which led to a second book.

Let’s explore.

The Second Movie Trailer for “Gone Girl” is Out, and You Won’t Be Disappointed

Just a few months ago, we got a sneak peek at the first trailer for Gone Girl. Now, there’s a full-length trailer, and it looks like one of the most-anticipated movie adaptations isn’t going to let us down.

Nick and Amy Dunne are played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in the movie. The book’s ending is going to be changed, so we’re excited to see where this goes.

The movie, which is based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling book, will come out in the US in October.

The clock starts ticking…

Will There be a ‘Gone Girl’ Sequel?

Since there has been no official news about “Gone Girl 2,” we don’t really know if or when we can expect a sequel. But since most of the people who worked on “Gone Girl” want to work together again on a sequel, we can safely assume that there is a good chance of getting one soon, if the team gets back together.

Flynn thinks the sequel will take place a few years from now, and we want to see the Dunnes’ child as a teenager, so it would make sense for the sequel to also take place a few years later, when the characters will be older. This makes sense because David Fincher is also dedicated to his other projects. Fincher’s most recent great work is Netflix’s “Mindhunter.” He is also currently making his next movie, “Mank,” which will come out in 2020. So, we can only hope that “Gone Girl 2” will be made and come out sometime after 2022.

Gone Girl 2 Cast

Amy Dunne is a sociopath, if not a psychopath, because she goes to great lengths to plan against Nick and wants to be perfect in everything she does and kills. But she is also a lot more than that. We get to see how complicated Amy’s mind is through Pike’s Oscar-worthy and spine-chilling performance as her. If there is a sequel to “Gone Girl,” Rosamund Pike will definitely play the role of Amy again. Without her, the movie won’t be as good. Pike has said in the past that she would be very interested in a sequel to “Gone Girl,” but only if it was written by Gillian Flynn.

Tyler Perry, who plays Nick’s lawyer Tanner Bolt, has also said in the past that he would like to be in a sequel because he thinks Amy’s story isn’t over yet and he wants to be a part of it. Ben Affleck hasn’t said anything about a sequel, but since “Gone Girl” was mostly about Nick and Amy Dunne, it’s clear that Affleck will have to play Nick again in the sequel. Gillian Flynn has also said she would like to make a sequel in the future if the cast and director work together again. In the next part of this article, I’ll talk more about this.

gone girl 2

Gone Girl 2 Plot: What is going to happen?

The best parts of “Gone Girl” are its brutal, unsettling ending and the fact that some of the most interesting and important plot twists don’t come out until the last 15 minutes. Its brilliance also comes from the way it turns the “whodunit” genre on its head by focusing on the killer instead of the crime, making her both the main character and the main villain.

“Gone Girl” is about Nick Dunne, who is played by Ben Affleck, and his marriage to Amy Elliott Dunne, who is played by Pike. On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears for no clear reason. It shows how their relationship is falling apart and how their darker, uglier sides come out as the movie goes on. Nick tries hard to find the truth because he is the main suspect in his wife Amy’s disappearance and possible death. He realises in the end that Amy’s disappearance was carefully planned by her to get back at Nick for cheating on her.

Amy goes back to Nick after killing her old love, Desi (Neil Patrick Harris), in a brutal way and blaming him for her being kidnapped and raped. At the end of the movie, the Dunnes are back together and acting like a happy couple, even though Amy is suddenly pregnant.

Nick is stuck in his marriage to Amy, and the film’s ending, which is creepy and scary, gives viewers a lot of options for a sequel that are all very disturbing. You ask, “What could the plot of a follow-up to “Gone Girl” be like?” Well, think about living in the same house as a killer.

If a sequel to the movie were ever made, it should show the Dunnes still living together a few years later, with Nick still trapped and maybe planning to hurt Amy. The movie could also show their child in the next one, maybe when he or she is a teenager. Considering that Flynn usually writes about strong women, it’s likely that the Dunnes have a daughter.

In her best-selling book “Sharp Objects,” Flynn also wrote about a complicated relationship between a mother and a daughter. It will be very interesting to see how Flynn and Fincher decide to show the relationship between Amy and her daughter, and if Nick stays with them to keep the child safe.

gone girl 2

What will be Amy’s game this time?

Will Amy and Nick have a good life together?

The sequel might show us Amy and Nick a few years into their happy married life. Nick will never be able to leave Amy’s life because of how psychopathic she is. He has to stay with her until he can act as smart and sneaky as Amy. And if he does, Amy had better watch out for herself!

Fake pregnancy and a fake miscarriage are so typical of Amy.

As we’ve already said, at the end of Gone Girl, Amy tells Nick that she’s going to have a baby. But don’t forget that she pretended to die? So, she could do the same thing with her pregnancy. The next movie can take that mask off her face and show us if she’s telling the truth or not. In that case, she will quickly act like she might have had a miscarriage.

If she really is pregnant, her child will be the next victim.

Now, if she is really pregnant, the sequel could take place when Amy and Nick’s baby is born. We think that the kid, if there is one, will be a girl because that would make it easy to compare the kid’s life to hers. This means that she will use her manipulative skills on that kid as well.

Are makers planning for ‘Gone Girl’ 2? Find out the facts

Pike had said that if there was a second movie, she would only do it if the original movie’s screenwriter, Gillian Flynn, came back. Flynn had said that part two will come out “a few years from now,” so the cast and crew should get back together for that. If there is a Gone Girl 2, Affleck and Pike will be back, but there will also be a lot of new faces.

Gone Girl Ends With The Dunnes Expecting A Child

Gone Girl is about a woman named Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) who goes missing. Her husband, Nick, may or may not have killed her (Ben Affleck, Batman V Superman). In the end, it turns out that Amy faked her disappearance to get back at Nick for cheating on her, but after some shocking turns, they end up back together.

Amy is pregnant with Nick’s child through artificial insemination. Even though Nick hates her and knows she is a sociopath, he decides to stay with her to keep their child safe.

gone girl 2

Gone Girl 2 could be about Nick and Amy’s teen son or daughter

Even though Gillian Flynn says the ending of Gone Girl wasn’t meant to set up a sequel, she has said she would be interested in going back to the Dunnes in a few years. Rosamund Pike and co-star Tyler Perry have also said they would be interested in coming back if Gone Girl 2 was written by Flynn.

In an interview with E!, Flynn hinted that Gone Girl 2 would probably skip ahead to the Dunnes’ teenage child. That opens up a lot of options, but the author hasn’t written a book or a script yet.

Where to Watch Gone Girl 2

Right now you can watch Gone Girl on HBO Max or Peacock. You are able to stream Gone Girl by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.


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