Sex Life Season 2 Release Date on Netflix: Will There Be Several New Recurring Cast Members?

Sex/Life Season 2

Sex/Life is a romantic comedy sitcom that ignited the internet in the summer of 2021 with its provocative scenes and bawdy situations. Without a doubt, it was the Summer’s surprise “gift” that was seen by millions across the world. Stacy Rukeyser, who previously worked as a producer on UnREAL and Twisted, developed the series.

In the impending second season of the programme, fans of both Demos and Sex/Life may anticipate some titillating new stuff.

Sex/Life Season 2

Who is Adam Demos in Sex/Life?

Demos plays Brad Simon, Billie’s aforementioned bad boy ex-boyfriend who is now a successful music producer and CEO of his own record company. He’s determined to pursue Billie and win her back, despite the fact that he knows she’s married with children to supportive and straight-laced investment banker Cooper Connelly (Mike Vogel).

Sex/Life Was Renewed For Season 2 In September 2021

If you were afraid that Sex/Life lovers like yourself might be placed in the unpleasant situation of having their favourite drama finish on a cliffhanger, don’t worry. In actuality, the series was renewed for Season 2 around the end of September 2021. According to Deadline, Netflix abandoning Sex/Life was never going to happen, given that the show was seen by 67 million households in the first four weeks following its June 25, 2021 premiere.

Sex/Life Season 2 Finished Filming In Spring 2022

Fortunately, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see any photographs from Sex/Life Season 2 because the programme wrapped production in early 2022. While star Adam Demos announced on Instagram in late January that he was ready to begin filming on the new set of episodes soon, when he spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his Netflix film, A Perfect Pairing (which debuted on May 19), Demos revealed that they’d finished filming on his hot hit series just two weeks prior, putting it at a spring wrap date.

Sex/Life Season 2

The Main Cast Is Expected To Return

Fans who enjoyed the interaction of the four major characters will not be disappointed when Season 2 arrives on Netflix, since each of the primary Sex/Life cast members has confirmed their return. So we’ll be able to keep watching Sarah Shahi’s Billie struggle to balance her life with her (slightly dull) husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) with her yearning for her not quite trustworthy ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos), while confiding in her long-time best friend, Sasha (Margaret Odette).

Role Cast Member
Billie Connelly Sarah Shahi
Cooper Connelly Mike Vogel
Brad Simon Adam Demos
Sasha Snow Margaret Odette
Hudson Phoenix Reich
Devon Jonathan Sadowski
Francesca Li Jun Li
Trina Amber Goldfarb


In late February 2022, we also got news on who will be joining the Sex/Life season 2.

  • Wallis Day (known for playing Kate Kane in Batwoman and Agent Shin in Infinite) will play Gigi.
  • Craig Bierko (known for UnREAL) will play Mick.
  • Dylan Bruce (who starred in Orphan Black and Midnight, Texas) will play Spencer.
  • Darius Homayoun (known for playing Amir in Succession and Peyman in Apple TV+’s Tehran) will play Majid.
  • Cleo Anthony (featured in Divergent, Transparent and NCIS) plays Kam.

In addition, TV Insider says that the new season will bring back recurring characters Jonathan Sadowski (Devon) and Li Jun Li (Francesca), and actress Meghan Heffern teased Caroline’s return on Instagram at the end of April.

Star Adam Demos Said The Season Is ‘Crazy’

Most would agree that the first season of Sex/Life went pretty far, from all the romantic turns to the wild sex party episode and that very memorable shower scene, but, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Adam Demos (who noted that they can’t get carried away by their naughty sex scenes) revealed that Season 2 will be “crazy” in its own right. He phrased it like way:
I can’t say anything because it will ruin it, but it’s crazy. It was a wild ride in season one, and they turned it up a lot. I don’t think anyone’s going to be disappointed, that’s for sure.

WOW. Okay, guys, I’m now wondering what else might occur during Season 2 of Sex/Life that would cause the already dramatic events to be cranked up “a lot.”

Will there be an even larger sexual party scene? Will new sexual partners be introduced for everyone we currently know? Does Billie receive a new romantic choice (which would be a significant improvement to the upcoming season of Sex/Life)? Will other characters’ bathing habits be observed? Cooper and Brad may have sexual relations. Will the absurd amount of times I’ve already used “sex” to describe this show not be sufficient to describe all of the fresh sex that the characters of Sex/Life Season 2 will have? Time will tell, and perhaps we won’t have to wait too much longer to get these and other answers!


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Will there be a Sex Life Season 2?



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After its formal renewal was announced in September 2021, filming for Sex/Life Season 2 began earlier this year and recently concluded at the end of April. The debut is anticipated for early 2023. The new episodes will have Demos, Shahi, and Simon engaging in a dangerous love triangle that is certain to be hotter, spicier, and more dramatic than ever before, so keep a look out for their outstanding performances in Sex/Life Season 2 when it arrives on Netflix within the next year.

What is the production status of Sex Life season 2?

Filming Scheduled/Pre-Production (Last Updated: 09/12/2021)

According to the Canadian Directors Guild, the programme has been under pre-production in Ontario, Canada, since November 2021.

Stacy Rukeyser (the showrunner of Sex/Life) confirmed on January 22nd that the scripts for season 2 were completed, with the last episode of season 2 named “Heavenly Day.”

According to the information in Production Weekly issue #1276, filming is set to commence on February 7th, 2022. Filming will last many weeks before wrapping up on April 29th, 2022.

According to the Canadian Director’s Guild, post-production of the programme will continue until June 17th, while sound-post (such as ADR) will continue until the end of October 2022.

The cast members have been teasing a return to production in January 2022.

Mike Vogel announced towards the end of January 2022 that he was returning to Toronto in preparation for the production, writing, “Back at it…. @sexlife S2. What better place to begin than the top gym in Toronto?”

Stacy Rukeyser said that she will be departing for Vancouver in January 2022.
Adam Demos wrote on Instagram on January 28th, “Almost time to start @sexlife season 2 Pumped!”

Throughout March and April, there were many shoots in and around Toronto for season 2.

Sex Life Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix discreetly renewed Sex/Life in August 2021, according to reports. It’s no surprise that the show got renewed, owing to a certain sequence that made quite a stir online.

SexLife has been watched for 282,100,000 million hours while on the Netflix worldwide top ten list since the hourly data began.

Here’s a breakdown of how the programme fared in the top ten (notice that the first week of viewings is absent because Netflix’s data only goes up to June 27th).

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
June 27th, 2021 to July 4th, 2021 86,730,000 1 1
July 4th, 2021 to July 11th, 2021 69,860,000 (-19%) 1 2
July 11th, 2021 to July 18th, 2021 45,000,000 (-36%) 3 3
July 18th, 2021 to July 25th, 2021 31,200,000 (-31%) 3 4
July 25th, 2021 to August 1st, 2021 21,620,000 (-31%) 6 5
August 1st, 2021 to August 8th, 2021 15,500,000 (-28%) 8 6
August 8th, 2021 to August 15th, 2021 12,190,000 (-21%) 9 7

Sex Life season 2 trailer: Any Sex/Life season 2 footage yet?


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Unfortunately, apart from the official announcement of season two, we have nothing to go off at the moment regarding new footage.

But check back in and we’ll tell you as soon as we know more.


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