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Endnight Games just said that Sons of the Forest won’t come out until October 2022, which is five months later than the original date. The survival horror game is a sequel to the indie hit The Forest. It will have building, survival, exploration, crafting, and defence. The most recent trailer came out in November 2021. It showed how to play the game, including how to start a fire and build a shelter on a beach. One scene showed a player spearing a sea turtle and eating it to stay alive. The sequel looks like it will improve on everything that fans liked about the first game.

Sons of the Forest is something that a lot of gamers are looking forward to. The question now is, what gaming platform will it be on?

Is Sons of the Forest Delayed?

Sons Of The Forest’s release date has been pushed back. Endnight Games said that the previous date was “too ambitious.”

Endnight Games said in a Tweet that “we have realised that our May 2022 release date for Sons Of The Forest was too ambitious” and that the game has been pushed back so that it can “deliver our vision of the next step in survival games.”

 In light of this, the studio has said that Sons of the Forest will not come out in May 2022 as planned, but instead in October 2022.

Endnight Games also announced a delay and posted a short clip of some Sons of the Forest gameplay. In the clip, the player eats, builds a house, and seems to play with a co-op partner.

Sons of the Forest was first announced in 2019, but it won’t come out until November 2021, instead of May.

You can watch the third trailer for Sons of the Forest here, and you can find earlier teasers on the YouTube channel for Endnight Games.

Sons Of The Forest is the follow-up to Endnight Games’s 2014 game The Forest. It will be a first-person survival horror game where players must try to stay alive after crashing on an island with scary people. Players must not only protect themselves from the dangerous people who live on the island, but also make sure they have food, water, and a place to sleep.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay

Here is everything we know about how to play Sons of the Forest. Most of what we know about how the game works comes from trailers. There have also been interviews that have given away details about how the game works.

We know that the game will be similar to how The Forest was played. You should be able to stay alive in the wild and always protect yourself from danger by making different items or shelters. There would also be a day/night cycle and weather changes to keep things interesting.

A lot of weapons, like shotguns and tasers, have been shown in the trailer. But the game’s creators have said that ammo will be hard to come by, so you’ll have to think about when to shoot and when to save it.

But when you can’t use ammo, you can still fight with your hands and use traps to stay safe.

The trailers show that there are also many mysteries to solve in the game, which will require the player to explore parts of the map and caves. You will also have to stay away from cannibals who hide during the day but can live in the caves. This makes the trip creepy every time.

What platforms have been announced for The Forest 2: Sons of the Forest?

That’s what it’s about: The Forest is one of the most exciting and well-known survival games out there. We crash on a desert island and our son is taken away. If that wasn’t bad enough, some nasty cannibals want to kill us. Because the concept worked so well, it should soon a successor called “Sons of the Forest”.

When will The Forest 2 be out? The survival game was supposed to have come out a long time ago, but so far, nothing has happened. The final one was moved from May 2022 to October 2022. A more precise date does not yet exist. But that’s what the Steam page is for, and you can now put “Sons of the Forest” on your wish list or make a note of it:

So far, it’s only for PC: The bad news for console owners who are waiting for a Sons of the Forest version is that it doesn’t look like one is coming. Sons of the Forest was announced to be coming out only for PC. At the moment, there is no sign of a version for the PS4, Xbox, PS5, or Xbox Series S/X.

What are the odds? When “The Forest” came out before, there was only talk of a PC release at first. But there was still one more PS4 version that was sent in later. “Sons of the Forest” doesn’t have to go that way, but of course there is a chance that it will. Maybe we’ll still enjoy one PS5 or Xbox S/X version when we come back later. But you shouldn’t hope for a release at the same time.

Sons of the Forest Characters

Even though we don’t know who the main character of Sons of the Forest is, we do know a few other things about them.

In the trailer, there is a woman who has been changed in some way. She has many extra limbs that she uses to dance around in the trailers and hang out at the camp where the main character stays. Fans said she looked like a mutant class from the first version of The Forest. The “Virginia” class is the one in question. We haven’t seen the woman attack the player, so we can assume she’s an NPC like the ones we’ve seen in games like Metal Gear Solid V who acts as a friend.

Fans also think that Timmy, who was in the first game, will be back. If you don’t already know, Timmy died in the Forest, but in one of the endings, he came back to life. Then he is seen making plans to go to a lot of the other mysterious islands. Fans saw Timmy’s toy in one of the trailers, which made this theory even more likely to be true.


Sons of the Forest was first announced in 2019, but it won’t come out until 2021. It will be a first-person survival horror game where players must try to stay alive. The game’s creators have said ammo will be hard to come by, so you’ll have to think about when to shoot. “Sons of the Forest” has been added to the Steam wishlist. So far, it’s only available for PC, and no word on a console release.

Survival game “The Forest” is one of the best-known survival games. “Sons of the Forest” may not be released on PS5 or Xbox S/X at the same time. Fans think that Timmy, who was in the first game, will be back. In one of the endings, he came back to life and is seen making plans to visit other islands.


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