Wedding Season Netflix: Trailer Shows the Pressures of Finding a Plus One

Wedding Season

There is a new romantic comedy on Netflix that is getting a lot of attention from viewers and mostly good reviews from critics as well. Purple Heart has to step aside because it’s now Wedding Season’s time to shine.

Wedding Season came out last Thursday, August 4, and has quickly moved up Netflix’s list of most-watched shows. The charming romantic comedy is currently at No. 4, just behind The Gray Man and fellow newcomer Carter and ahead of the popular hits Persuasion and Red Notice.

If there isn’t a movie about a summer full of weddings, is it really summer? With their new movie Wedding Season, Netflix is making up for the lack of movies. Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma) have very different lives, but their parents want the same thing. To make them happy, they act like they are dating all summer while they are at weddings. But their feelings get in the way, and their plan turns out to be more than either of them expected.

 Wedding Season

In March 2021, Deadline said that Sharma and Sharda would be in the movie. Tom Dey (Failure to Launch) was in charge of making the movie, and Shiwani Srivastava wrote the script. Wedding Season is Srivastava’s first time writing a movie script. Matt Code (Most Dangerous Game), Brian Grazer (Arrested Development), and Ron Howard (Arrested Development) are the executive producers. Ryan M. Murphy, John Rhodes, and Swati Shetty are the producers, and Julie Strifler is an associate producer. Courtney Mitchell, who was in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” was in charge of the costumes.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents should know that Wedding Season is a romantic comedy set in the Indian American community. There is some kissing and drinking in the movie. Two characters pretend to be dating so that their worried parents and the rest of the town will stop worrying about them.

Adults drink wine, champagne, beer, and whiskey, and they flirt and kiss. Indian parents had their marriages set up by their families. The film uses words like “ass,” “bum,” “freaking,” “fool,” “nerd,” “idiot,” and “God.” It has positive messages about relationships between parents and their grown children and about the value of community, perhaps especially in immigrant communities.

 Wedding Season

Who plays Ravi in Wedding Season?

Ravi, played by Suraj Sharma, is a possible suitor for Asha. On paper, he seems like a great match: he won a spelling bee, went to MIT, and started a business. However, some things don’t add up. He goes along with Asha’s plan only because he wants to make his parents happy and is afraid to say no.

Where was wedding season filmed?

The main filming took place in Toronto, Canada, from April 19 to May 31, 2021. Scenes outside and in restaurants were filmed in the Gerrard India Bazaar neighbourhood of Toronto and at the Lahore Tikka House.

Wedding Season: The Plot

Asha Maurya is an Indian American. Her parents want her to find a husband and settle down. Her mother, Veena Sood, wants this to happen for her daughter so much that she sets up dates for her without telling her. Sounds like a bad “how they met” story to tell the kids. Asha tries to get the matriarch to take down the dating profile, but her mother will only do that if Asha meets a guy named Ravi and the two of them go to some weddings together. This is a parent who has been setting a place at the dinner table for the husband she wants her daughter to marry, so Asha will have to do something big to get her off her back.

Asha is probably a workaholic, since her boss said it was great that he stole her from Wall Street. So she can get work done, she even brings her laptop to weddings. “MIT genius” Ravi is “taking a break from his job” and enjoying the time and happiness it gives him. They couldn’t be in a worse place to be with each other. But they find that pretending to date and going to weddings is good for both of them.


But, just like in every romantic comedy with fake dating, the lines start to blur, and soon they’re falling in love, just like their parents wanted. Will it work out in the end, even though they live very different lives? Who will go down first? People watching might be able to guess the answers to these questions, but it’s not over until the officiant says so.

Asha’s parents are trying to set her up with an Indian suitor, which seems a little strange since her sister Priya (Ari Afsar) married a white man. Maybe it’s because Asha hasn’t tried to find love on her own, and her parents don’t know any other way to do it.

Who’s Who in the Wedding Season Cast

 Wedding Season

Pallavi Sharda as Asha

Pallavi Sharda plays the main character, Asha. Asha is a strong-willed woman who is focused on her career. She doesn’t have time to date because of her high-profile job, which makes it hard for her parents to get her married.

She comes up with a plan to pretend to date Ravi (Suraj Sharma) during the wedding season so that her parents will stop bothering her.

Pallavi has been in movies like Lion, which was nominated for an Oscar, Begum Jaan, Hawaizaada, and Tom and Jerry.

Suraj Sharma as Ravi

Ravi is played by Suraj Sharma, who reluctantly agrees to play make-believe with Asha. He is more laid-back than Asha and spends his time and energy on a career path that makes him happy instead of one that will make him successful, which makes his parents sad.

Suraj’s first role was in the movie “Life of Pi.” Since then, he has been in shows like “Homeland,” “How I Met Your Father,” “The Illegal,” and “Million Dollar Arm.”

Arianna Afsar as Priya

Asha’s sister Priya, who is a doctor, is played by Arianna Afsar. Her sister Asha is very close to her, and they are always there for each other when they need advice.

Asha was the first person to tell Priya, who is engaged to neurosurgeon Nick (Sean Kleier), about her plan to pretend date Ravi.

Arianna is both a singer and an actress. She was a top contestant on American Idol and had a leading role in Hamilton. She has also been in the movies Martian Land and Canal Street.

Sean Kleier as Nick

Nick, Priya’s funny and dumb fiance, is played by Sean Kleier. He is always going out of his way to impress Priya’s parents and is eager to learn about Indian culture.

Sean has been in movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp, Odd Mom Out, and Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer.

Veena Sood as Suneeta

Suneeta, Asha’s mother, is played by Veena Sood. Suneeta wants Asha to get married so badly that she sets up an online dating profile for her daughter behind her back.

The actress has been in a lot of movies over the past 30 years, such as Touch of Pink, Compulsion, Numb, and many more.

Rizwan Manji as Vijay

Rizwan Manji plays Asha’s kind father, Vijay. He is always trying to calm down his wife’s overreactions, and he was an ecologist just like Asha.

Rizwan is best known for playing Ray Butani on Schitt’s Creek, but he has also been in movies like Peacemaker, Outsourced, and The Dictator, among others.

Sonia Dhillon Tully as Veena

Ravi’s mother, Veena, is played by Sonia Dhillon Tully. She often complains about how her husband, Dinesh, treats Ravi and wants Ravi to be happy in life.

Sonia has been in a number of movies, including Love in Translation, Flint, My Favorite Christmas Melody, and Jigsaw.

Manoj Sood as Dinesh

Ravi’s father, Dinesh, is played by Manoj Sood, who is the real-life brother of Veena Sood. Dinesh often criticises Ravi’s choices and shows how disappointed he is in him. But by the end of the movie, things get better.

Manoj has been in movies like Watchmen, Meltdown, Romeo Must Die, and Tomorrowland: A World Beyond.


Everything Else We Know

Wedding Season on Netflix is not to be confused with the same-named murder series on Disney+ and Star. In 2021, Deadline reported that the media giant had approved the eight-part series for Star, their international streaming platform. On Disney+ Day in the fall of that year, some cast members were revealed. The premise of the show is very different from that of the movie. We don’t know when the show might start on the platform.

What do critics say about Wedding Season?

Wedding Season got a good score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means that critics liked it.

when this was written. It also has a good audience score, which is 77% at the moment.

“Even though most of the comedy in this movie is pretty standard, the romance is a different story.” It really works because the actors don’t just phone in the love story; they dance with it, commit to it, and own it.

 Wedding Season

Should you steam Wedding Season?

Wedding Season is a great choice if you’re looking for a funny romantic comedy that’s easy to watch. Several critics have pointed out that it uses a lot of well-known tropes from the genre, but that’s not always a bad thing. Most people say that Wedding Season has a good mix of comedy and romance that will make it easy for viewers to like it.

Netflix likes romantic dramas a lot, but it’s nice to see that the simple rom-com is also getting some attention. With Wedding Season, it looks like the streamer has a hit on its hands. So, if you need a pick-me-up at the beginning of the week, Wedding Season might be just what you need.


Wedding Season came out last Thursday, August 4. It has quickly moved up Netflix’s list of most-watched shows. The film uses words like “ass,” “bum,” “freaking,” “fool,” “nerd,” “idiot,” and “God”. Asha Maurya’s parents want her to find a husband and settle down. Her mother Veena sets up fake dates for her without telling her.

Soon, Asha and Ravi start to fall in love, but the lines start to blur. Wedding Season got a good score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means that critics liked it. Critics have pointed out that it uses a lot of well-known tropes from the genre. Wedding Season might be just what you need to pick-me-up at the beginning of the week.


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