What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Is The Nigersaurus had a wide mouth lined with 500 slender teeth?

People on the internet have been warned not to fall for the "Don't google which dinosaur had 500 teeth" hoax after some sick people on Reddit made a racist joke go viral.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

The search engine now offers the message as an autofill suggestion and it has been widely shared on social media.

If you Google your question, you will see information about the Nigersaurus.

The joke-turned-meme has spread widely across the internet, especially on Reddit.

Young pranksters on the platform are attempting to scare off innocent internet users by implying that the name is similar to the n-word.

The warning not to conduct the search initially appeared in September of 2019.

In /r/teenagers, a user who has since deleted their account warned their peers, “Whatever you do, don’t google ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth.'”


There have been millions of memes made since then, with captions like “You shouldn’t look up “500 teeth dinosaur” on Google. My biggest regret in life “.

As evidenced by comments like “OK dinosaur with 500 teeth,” the meme has also been used as a code for the racial slur itself by some users.

The name, however, alludes to the country where it was first discovered; the Niger Republic.

The first dinosaur fossils were found in the landlocked West African country in 1976.

Nigersaurus taqueti wasn’t officially named until 1999, after more complete skeletons were discovered on expeditions led by American palaeontologist Paul Sereno.

In honour of the French palaeontologist Philippe Taquet, who discovered the first fossils in 1976, the species name Nigersaurus taqueti was named.

It was located in Niger’s Elrhaz Formation, specifically the Gadoufaua region.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

There was a rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur called Nigersaurus that roamed the earth between 115 and 105 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period.

The 30-foot herbivore likely frequented the thriving wetlands where today’s Sahara Desert stands.

Its wide mouth was lined with 500 thin teeth, designed for browsing plants low to the ground, and its skull was delicate and unusual.

According to Sereno’s research page, “Nigersaurus lived in a lush environment alongside the predatory dinosaur suchomimus, the plant eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercroc.

Where was Nigersaurus discovered?

The fossils of Nigersaurs were found in the Elrhaz Formation in Gadoufaoua, Republic of Niger. This is where a lot of fossils of vertebrates were found.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

Nigersaurus taqueti is the only species in the genus. It was named after the French palaeontologist Philippe Taquet, who found the first bones in Niger during an expedition from 1965 to 1972.

Fossils of Nigersaurus were also found and described in 1976, but it wasn’t given the name Nigersaurus until 1999, when more complete remains were found and described.

Where can I see a Nigersaurus?

The fossils of the Nigersaurus, a famous dinosaur with 500 teeth, are on display at the National Geographic Museum’s Explorers Hall in Washington, DC, and in Japan. The fossils are 110 million years old. The skull, which has all 500 teeth, is part of the skeleton on display.

What did Nigersaurus look like?

Scientists didn’t notice how strange this Nigersaurus looked for a long time. The name “Nigersaurus” was given to this dinosaur in 1976, but palaeontologists didn’t have a good idea of what it looked like until the late 2000s.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

This is because this dinosaur’s skeleton is hollow in many places, which makes it easy to break and bend. Even though there were a lot of specimens of Nigersaurus before 1997, no important remains had been found. This led many people to think that Nigersaurus was just another ordinary sauropod.

Nigersaurus Fact File

What dinosaur had 500 teeth?

The Nigersaurus(pronounced β€˜nee-zhayr-sore-rus), whose name means “Niger lizard” or “Niger reptile,” was a dinosaur that lived between 121 and 99 million years ago, during the early Cretaceous period.

This one-of-a-kind dinosaur was known for having more than 500 teeth and eating only plants. The plant-eating Nigersaurus was a type of sauropod, which mostly walked on four legs and were very big herbivores. Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus are two other famous sauropods.

This sauropod was about 15 metres (50 feet) long and weighed between 4-5 tonnes. For comparison, an African elephant weighs about 4 tonnes.

Dinosaurs are thought to have come from what we now call central and northern Africa. Many postcranial bones of dinosaurs have been found in Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. Most of the remains have been found in the Elrhaz Formation, which is in a place in central Niger called Gadoufaoua.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

The first Nigersaurus fossils were found in 1976, but the animal wasn’t named until 1999, when more and better fossils of it were found. The genus is thought to have only one species, Nigersaurus taqueti, which was named after the French palaeontologist Philippe Taquet, who was the first to find the remains of this sauropod.

When Was Nigersaurus Discovered?

Between 1965 and 1972, a French palaeontologist named Philippe Taquet made the first find. At that time, there wasn’t enough of what was needed. But when Paul Sereno went on another investigation trip, he found out more. More evidence suggests that the species’ poor ability to keep its natural environment in good shape has hurt its otherwise successful history.

Because the fossils were broken up, their skulls were so thin that the powerful laser beam could go right through them. Some of the artefacts that have been found so far are hard to explain. Some of these varieties are the Brazilian and the Isle of Wight. Even though some things are the same, there is also a mystery about evolution.

What Is the Scientific Classification of Nigersaurus?

The phylum Chordata is part of the subkingdom Animalia, and Nigersaurus is a member of that group. In our study, we looked at many different types of clades, such as Dinosauria, Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, and Sauropoda. Also, the superfamily is called Diplodocoidea, and the family is called Rebbachisauridae. If you want to know what kind of dinosaur had 500 teeth, the answer is Nigersaurus, which is part of the genus Nigersaurus and the species N. taqueria.

Nigersaurus taqueria is its binomial name. Fragments of fossils are usually put into the taxonomic family Rebbachisauridae. This group is made up of Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. It is mostly about the group of dinosaurs called sauropods.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

What Did Dinosaur 500 Teeth Eat?

The only thing these things ate was plants. It mostly ate plants, especially those that were close to the ground. Because they had a short neck and sharp teeth, they could eat plants that grew close to the ground. Because of this, it is said that they were also called Mesozoic Cows. It also eats horsetails, ferns, delicate plants, and angiosperms as main foods. Since there were no grasses back then, it is also thought that plants that grew close to the ground were the most common.

People have made jokes about how its mouth looks like a vacuum cleaner. Another source says that grasses, which are called Poaceae, came from the late Cretaceous. But because there wasn’t enough moisture in the air, they couldn’t graze as much as they could have.

Duckbilled shape mouths

The nose was even bigger than the “duck-billed” hadrosaurs. The teeth of these sauropods are one of the best ways to figure out how and what they ate.

The tiny facets and abrasions on the teeth show a pattern of tiny scratches and pits that show what Nigersaurus ate.

This, in turn, wore down the teeth and gave scientists the information they needed to make a decision based on what Nigersaurus ate, which was soft plants.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Nigersaurus Teeth

The Nigersaurus was notable for having almost 500 teeth. The area that is now the Sahara desert was reportedly a primary food source for this unusual ruminant. Its snout was wider than the rest of its head, so it could fit a lot of food in it at once. Paul Sereno, a palaeontologist, was famously reported as saying that the Nigersaurus’s face looked like a vacuum cleaner.

Reconstructed skeletons have shown that the mouth of the Sereno simian closely resembles the end of a vacuum cleaner, lending credence to Sereno’s analogy.

The four huge side fenestrae, apertures in the skull, and thing bones in the wide muzzle served as a specialised tool for feeding. More than 500 teeth were supposed to line its broad muzzle, and they were all changed every 14 days.

When compared to other dinosaurs, the Nigersaurus’ jaw, teeth, and mouth structure stood out as highly unusual. Among all known extinct tetrapods, it is the only one whose jaws were larger than its cranium. In addition, it was the only known tetrapod with front teeth that spanned the whole width of its mouth laterally.

In the realm of sauropod dinosaurs, this outlier possessed a tooth arrangement that was virtually unprecedented. Not only does the Nigersaurus have a number of features that are exclusive to it, but it also includes dental batteries, which have never been observed in any other member of the sauropod family. Even though dental batteries have been found to be prevalent in beaked herbivores like the triceratops, they have remained extremely rare in sauropods.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

Those who consumed a plant-based diet were rumoured to benefit greatly from the use of dental batteries. It was speculated that each one was made up of a vertical row of replaceable teeth, with the row beneath the one that had worn out moving up to take its place. Similarly, the tooth rows would be tightly packed adjacent to one another. For this reason, hundreds of teeth, both old and new, may have been present in a dinosaur’s mouth at once if it had a dental battery.

There were about 60 rows of tiny, needle-like teeth in the Nigersaurus’s upper jaw. While there were about 68 of these columns in the lower jaw. Taking into account all of its columns, a nigersaurus’s jaw included nine complete sets of replacement teeth, for a total of more than five hundred teeth.

The orientation of the Nigersaurus’s teeth is another factor that sets them apart. The presence of canine teeth that extended laterally from the front of its mouth would not have helped it much in its pursuit of the dangling leaves amid the trees. Therefore, Nigersaurus was likely a ground-dwelling herbivore. This is why people call them “mesozoic cows.” The broad muzzle would be an ideal companion for foraging among the low-growing vegetation. The dinosaur’s abundance of teeth would have made short work of whatever vegetation it encountered. With each tooth rumoured to have been replaced every 14 days, the Nigersaurus’ dental batteries would have come in handy when grazing along the floor bed.

How Does Nigersaurus Relate to Sauropod?

Sauropods are also part of the group called Sauropoda. These dinosaurs, like lizards, had long necks and four legs. They are also talked about because of how big they are. The correct answer to the question “What dinosaur had 500 teeth?” was Nigersaurus. However, it didn’t have a long neck or a big body.

Typical Nigersaurus Measurements

The Nigersaurus was a sauropod, which were some of the biggest dinosaurs that have ever lived. Compared to other sauropods like the Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus, the Nigersaurus was much smaller. As a comparison, it was thought that the Nigersaurus was about 30 feet long, while the average Diplodocus was about 85 feet long.

People say that these small giants weighed about as much as a modern African elephant (around 4-5 tonnes), while a diplodocus usually weighed around 25 tonnes. So, in the grand scheme of things, the Nigersaurus can be thought of as a small giant. Along with being smaller than other dinosaurs in the same family, the Nigersaurus also had a shorter neck.

What dinosaur has the most teeth?

Even though the Nigersaurus has a lot of teeth, it is not the animal with the most teeth of all time. People said that hadrosaurs had as many as 1,400 teeth. People said that their teeth were by far the most complicated of any animal still alive.

Now we know, what dinosaur has 500 teeth. The Nigersaurus. Even though it may not be the most interesting dinosaur, this strange and wonderful sauropod is getting a lot of attention. What did you think they would do with all those teeth?

Thanks for reading “What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?” Do you have a favourite fact about the Nigersaurus? What do you think?


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